Our Expertise Explained

Captivating “Hook”
Video introductions to “hook” your customers attention and watch more

Bitesize Headlines
Your customers understand what the video is about rightaway

Catchy Video Editing
Second by second, to keep your customers’ attention

Well Research Hashtags
To maximise your video exposure

Unique Caption Formula
To increase overall video effectiveness

Short and fast paced
From 10 seconds – 3 minute videos to tell the story


-Industry/Market Analysis
-Competitor Content Analysis
-User name creation
-Bio setup
-Account handle
-Shop link
-Application and documentation (if required by TikTok)


-Full Account Management
-Content Strategy (focus on your niche, USP & demographic)
Video Ideation
-“Awareness/Outreach” content creation
-“Engagement/Nurture” content creation
-“Purchase” content creation
-Caption Copywriting
-Trending & FYP Research
-Comment Replying
-Video Shooting
-TikTok Optimised Editing
-Title and hashtags


-Affiliate research that fits product demographic
-Affiliate filter based on rank, responsiveness and flags
-Contact and co-ordination with affiliate
-Affiliate registration on client account
-Content brief
-Quality control on brand, product and video guideline
-Ensure video posted meets brand, product and video guideline
-Ensure video posted on time
-Client to provide product for demonstration, full product details, FAQs and guidelines
-% affiliate commission paid by client


-Influencer research and proposal
-Influencer content creation
-Content brief
-Drafting and approval
-Content publishing
-Influencer management
-Payment management
-Deadline management
-Quality control
-Project report and analytics
-Posting on TikTok


-Live preview video
-Live Host
-Live Assistant
-Full equipment
-Environment setting
-Live setup
-Comment management
-Each session is 2 hours per day

TikTok Shop

Shop setup includes:
-Application and documentation for TikTok shop setup
-User name creation
-Bio setup
-Account handle
-Shop link
-Up to 3 products Including SKU, -Pictures & Description

Product and voucher setup includes:
-Up to 10 products Including SKU, Pictures & Description
-New buyer voucher setup
-TikTok promotion vouchers setup

Customer service setup includes:
-24 hour response to customer enquiry and escalation if unable to respond first time
-Includes weekends

TikTok shop campaigns includes:
-TikTok promotion vouchers setup