Our Expertise Explained

Captivating “Hook”
Video introductions to “hook” your customers attention and watch more

Bitesize Headlines
Your customers understand what the video is about rightaway

Catchy Video Editing
Second by second, to keep your customers’ attention

Well Research Hashtags
To maximise your video exposure

Unique Caption Formula
To increase overall video effectiveness

Short and fast paced
From 10 seconds – 3 minute videos to tell the story

Content Creation

Content brainstorm and ideation

“Outreach” content creation

“Nurture” content creation

360 content production



TikTok Optimised Editing

Trending Soundtracks

Call to action

Title and hashtags


“Trending” content creation

Posting scheduling and management

Comment engagement strategy

Targeted video boosting to maximise views

Targeted video boosting to increase followers

Organic follower boosting

Trending sounds

Trending filters

Trending challenges



Influencer research and proposal

  • Micro
  • Macro (over 10k followers)

Influencer content creation

Content brief

Storyboard and ideation

Drafting and approval

Content publishing

Influencer management

Payment management


Quality control

Campaigns and Custom Services

Contact us to discuss more on your Live and Custom requests.